Shamanic Reiki

Shamanic Reiki combines elements of a Shamanic Healing Session together with a full body Reiki treatment. Working from Spiritual and Energetic principles, the practitioner works intuitively and in accordance with guidance from Spirit.




A Shamanic Reiki treatment is extremely effective for -
Initiating change in one’s life,
Eliminating blockages on the physical/mental/emotional and spiritual levels,
Breaking through negative and destructive patterns of behaviour,
Healing old wounds and traumas,
Working on core issues relating to the Self, our Inner child and our sense of belonging in the Universe,
Developing a sense of trust in one’s own judgements, choices, perceptions,
Building self confidence.



Typically a Shamanic Reiki healing session is performed within the bounds of Sacred Space.

Other elements of the session may include -
► Tracking the energy body for imprints,
► Removing heavy energy/ blockages from energy body,
► Combusting heavy energies through chakras,
► Use of crystals,
► Drumming/ rattling,
► Use of Power Stones ( Kuyas),
► Followed by a full body Reiki treatment