Tarot Card Readings

tarot card readings cavan


Full hour €50.00
1/2 Hour €30.00

I offer Tarot consultations as opposed to fortune telling style readings.

A Tarot consultation is an interactive process between the reader and the client whereby the reader works with the client to arrive at a greater and deeper understanding of the situation in question.


Tarot Cards are pictorial and symbolic representations of the natural laws of the universe.

The cards are universal and timeless and speak directly to our unconscious.


Through the medium of the cards, I will read the psychic stresses and the energy patterns surrounding the situation/question/person etc.


The client will then be in a better position to -

  • ► Discover new perspectives on the situation,

  • ► Find meaning in what is being presented in their life situation at present,

  • ► Take charge of the situation with a new found insight,

  • ► Work towards possible solutions and alternative outcomes.